Thinking about a hair transplant in Istanbul?

ZEUS is the best hair implant centre in turkey 

If you are looking for a hair transplant in Istanbul, at ZEUS we are experts in hair implant in Turkey. Using the most modern processes together with high quality facilities and experienced surgeons, we can provide the best hair transplant in Turkey with optimal results.

We use the most modern procedures and methods, including the FUE technique, extracting follicles from the skin in the donor area to implant them in the bald areas and redefine your hairline. The duration of the operation is just of a few hours, with no risks for your health and under total safety conditions. We always explain to our patients all the steps of the treatment, with no tricks or hidden costs; and after a few months, you will see how hair starts to grow.

FUE is widely used in Turkey because it offers the best results and the most natural look. So, if you wish to see your hair growing back and you are looking for a hair transplant in Istanbul, choose trustworthy professionals. ZEUS Hair Transplant Medical Centre is located in the best hospital in Turkey: contact us for more information, and see why we are different and the best valued hair clinic in Turkey.



ZEUS Hair Transplant Medical Centre is located in the modern Kadıköy in ISTANBUL, where our specialized medical team offers a full range of cosmetic treatments and of course the most cutting-edge available techniques in hair implant, including the FUE method.


All our treatments are supervised by fully qualified doctors with a long expertise (a Professor of Plastic Surgery, dermatologists, infection doctors…) supported by pharmacists and nurses, in order to prescribe the most appropriate treatment for each situation. Our staff is also fluent in several languages to provide you with any kind of help you may need when you come for your hair transplant in Turkey.


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